Student feedback

Here is a selection of the comments written by students on the way home, I’ve copied and pasted from the document they completed on the ipad – forgive the few typos, they were on the train and tired!

  • I had an amazing time and it helped that I was with funny and friendly people. I hope to go on another exchange in the future!
  • I just really want to do it again!!!
  • c’est tres fantastique
  • thank you to everyone who made this brilliant trip a possibility
  • definitely want to go on the next Comenius trip!
  • such a great time learnt loads
In response to the question What would you say to anyone considering joining the project?

  • you are reluctant to join at first and it is scary the first night but the families understand and try to make you feel at Home as much as possible. It is a great opportunity and you will regret it if you don’t do it.
  • don’t be nervous about talking to everyone because everyone is feeling the same way, and also make an effort to learn some of the other languages: German, Spanish.
  • GO FOR IT!!!
  • definitely go for it! I was unbelievably nervous at first but It ended up being so amazing I didn’t want to leave, i’ve made so many new friends, and learnt a lot
  • tres bien!
  • go for it and have fun
  • you don’t want to go home afterwards
  • they would be silly not to take such a great opportunity, and it’s free!
  • it’s a great opportunity to have and it goes on your cv
  • you will have great fun if you are willing to accept the differences and just go for it with an open mind.

Saturday, homeward bound

Meeting at school at 7.30 am, we eventually got going at 8 after some tearful goodbyes.  When we got off the TGV at Gare de l’Est in Paris, we headed for the café that we had visited the previous Sunday.  This time we sat inside and had brunch, before walking to Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar.  We finally arrived at Bodmin at 8.10 pm.  Phew, what a week!

Now it’s back to reality for students, with Art and Science exams fast approaching.  On the way home, they completed a questionnaire, and I’ll put some of their comments in my next post.  This seems the right place to express our pride in the students, some of whom had a wobbly start, but by the end of the week all of them had found their feet and were overwhelmingly positive about the whole experience.

As for Miss Prior and I, well, full of momentum we spent a good part of the journey discussing how to progress the project, and ideas for the final week in April 2015.  Miss Prior is now keen to learn some German so we also spent an interesting hour on useful phrases and pronunciation rules in preparation for the trip to Bad Bederkesa in September 2014.

SAM_2103french breakfast2 french breakfast3 french breakfast4


Friday, sport, performance, party

By special request, we started the day with a session of handball, to give our students (some of whom have recently starting playing for Cornwall) a chance to play with their more experienced European peers.


We then walked into town for a reception with the Mayor of Vouziers, where gifts were exchanged and speeches made,


and in the afternoon we buried a time capsule which contained memories of the week, rehearsals continued, finishing touches were put to the mural, and we took a trip to the supermarket to stock up on chocolate and water for the journey home.  A few students also attended a question and answer session with the regional politician who had been invited to attend the Mayoral reception and burial of the time capsule.


In the evening, host families arrived, and after the unveiling of the mural, and the performances, we had more speeches, presentations of gifts and thanks, dinner, and a disco.  Students and staff went to their respective homes at midnight, with most of us doing our packing at 2 am in the morning.  A fantastic final day, with many of the students saying they didn’t want to go home tomorrow!

SAM_2020 SAM_2025SAM_2027 SAM_2034SAM_2039 SAM_2065 SAM_2070SAM_2089

Thursday, back at school

Some of us managed to have a lie in today, as we weren’t starting until 10 this morning.  During the day, despite being incredibly tired, students made fantastic progress on the robot dance, project mural and futures fashion show, some of them attended lessons, and visited the local police station, and the evening was spent with host families.

SAM_1822 SAM_1825 SAM_1826SAM_1888SAM_1838SAM_1846 SAM_1853 SAM_1870SAM_1880SAM_1917SAM_1925

Wednesday, Futuroscope Poitiers

After a great breakfast in our hotel, we headed out to the park to explore the exhibits.  It was beautifully warm, a perfect day to relax outside in between visiting the attractions.   We left the park at 5.30 pm, and arrived back in Vouziers at 1 am.  A looooong day!

SAM_1797SAM_1809SAM_1812 SAM_1813SAM_1815